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International Students, Inc. ("ISI")


ISI was founded in 1953 by people of faith who had compassion for the needs and problems faced by students arriving in the US from other countries. ISI has staff on nearly 500 campuses all over the US as well as staff overseas. ISI works with over 24,000 volunteers and over 2,000 faith-based organizations in the US, whom we have trained to reach out to international students while they are here. If you are visiting this site from overseas, you can see on our national site the other universities where you will find ISI helpers to make your stay in the US the very best it can be:

ISI Chicago Staff

Ron Ingram - Campus Staff


American Families and Volunteers

We involve 200-300 Americans and their families throughout the Chicago area each year. These friends are known as FRIENDSHIP PARTNERS, who have been trained by ISI in how to be a friend to an international student.

As you will see from our Chicago site, our programs require REGISTRATION. That is because they each seek to connect each individual international student with an American friend. Because our programs are quite popular, they often fill up during each semester. Registering online gives you the quickest access to openings in our programs.

ISI is a member of the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors ("NAFSA")